Veroya represents the men and women of today. Such men and women choose the quality, elegance, innovation and exclusivity offered by Veroya's range of handbags, purses, wallets, briefcases and document holders Veroya's values, which encompass a constant search for quality, an innovative approach to materials, such as the inclusion of carbon fibre, and a commitment to avant-garde designs, have enabled it to become a leading brand in the fashion accessories industry. Each piece is hand-made in Spain by our craftsmen, paying special attention to every detail.

The Veroya line of accessories for women which includes handbags and other women's accessories, is defined by its refined, avant-garde designs, its distinct character and by the exclusivity of each item, made by hand, individually, using the traditional methods in Spain.

The Veroya line of accessories for men, which includes belts, wallets, document holders and briefcases, is characterised by its elegant designs, steeped in character and combining superior materials such as leather with the innovation of authentic carbon fibre.

Because you are special and because our articles are individually hand-crafted, we offer you the opportunity to have your chosen items personalised, either by engraving your initials upon them or by letting you personally choose the leather and fabrics to be used.

At Veroya we understand that the best gift you can give is your time and that the best gift your loved ones can receive is knowing that you have been thinking of them, taking the time to find the perfect, unique and individually crafted Veroya creation. Your reward will be their smile when they open this creation.