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Veroya Quality Certificates


At Veroya, quality is our biggest sign of identity,
it is endorsed by our certificates!

Veroya Quality Certificates
Veroya Quality Certificates

When the quality is in the carbon fibre

Quality is a byword for excellence. And, as excellences go, Veroya, holds a cum laude in the carbon fibre it uses for manufacturing accessories for both men and women.

Veroya Quality Certificates

But, what is carbon fibre exactly?

There is a lot of fraud in the carbon fibre industry. Because of such good features, interesting contributions in so many industries and for being considered of a very high quality, this fabric is also haunted and is rather prone to be heralded by many manufacturers when, in truth, what is being used instead is plastic. That is why you should learn a little bit more about this trendy material.

Carbon fibre is a synthetic fibre made up of fine filaments composed mainly of carbon. Carbon fibre is, therefore, the sum of thousands of carbon filaments, and its production process is both extensive and expensive. Depending on the desired quality, it can last for months.

Its specificities are so extraordinary that some consider it the ideal material for the 21st Century. ‘It is the most recent development in the field of composites’ and, if previously we only appreciated it in the spatial industry, now its usage has been extended to many areas.

Carbon fibre fashion accessories, quality accessories

When we talk about carbon fibre, we talk about absolute quality because this material:

  • is extremely exclusive and advanced when it comes to fashion accessories,
  • brings together innovation and avant-garde,
  • displays extraordinary resistance and maximum lightness,
  • is very durable and resistant to temperature changes,
  • brings benefits to the consumer, but also to the environment,
  • can be customized in multiple ways.

Because to talk about carbon fibre is to talk about quality

At Veroya, we offer you the possibility to choose among a wide range of leathers of different colours and finishes, select the carbon fibre as well as the stitching colours and even engrave your initials, your signature or a special date for you.

Our craftsmen will manufacture your ideal hand-made accessories, completely customized and with the most innovative material. Because here, exclusivity and elegance go hand in hand with the highest quality thanks to carbon fibre.

With Veroya, you have a wide range of fashion accessories for a lifetime at your disposal.

For men and women who choose quality, Veroya fashion accessories.

Veroya Quality Certificates

Leather fashion accessories, symbol of style, luxury and glamour

In addition to innovation with carbon fibre, Veroya attempts to conquer even the most demanding of hearts. And it certainly achieves this also with the help of another material, that of leather, a symbol of style, luxury and glamour, a perfect material for today’s men and women who choose innovation and exclusivity.

At Veroya, we combine a fine material such as leather with another more innovative one such as carbon fibre to create fashion accessories as elegant as original ones produced in a traditional manner. These are high-quality unique pieces, handcrafted in Spain.

Veroya Quality Certificates

Leather in particular has always been one of the most valued and frequently used fine materials in the fashion industry. It is one of the best commodities among all leather products as well as one of the most versatile fabrics in the market. Actually, besides fashion accessories, large amounts of clothing items can be manufactured with it, although women’s accessories and leather wallets for men are the favourite leather items.

Because when it comes to customization, leather undoubtedly plays a major role and because, at Veroya, we are aware that accessories define the style, reflect the personality and highlight the character of those who wear them. That is why we have come up with quality accessories paying attention to every last detail. We are talking about hand-made, authentic and state-of-the-art accessories that combine leather’s natural and noble qualities with carbon fibre’s hardness, lightness and resistance. Because these are the real identity signs of Veroya brand.

Because Veroya is leather and it is innovation with the carbon fibre,
discover our fashion accessories collection!